I have been doing extensions since 2006.  I have taken extensive training in California in 2011.  I am trained in 3 different types of extensions, including shrink links and micro-rings.  There is no glue or keratin bonding in either of these techniques.  The technique used will depend on the guest’s hair type.  Each guest will be fit with the best type of hair to match their hair texture and personal style.  Matching the color is custom to each individual and will be done upon consultation.

Extension Hair Care:


  1. -Shampoo at least once per week.

  2. -Do not massage.

  3. -Rinse thoroughly.

  4. -Let it air dry as often as you can.


  1. -Brush or comb through to style, always using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.

  2. -When brushing, always start at the ends and work to the root.

  3. -Use styling aids (mouse, gel, smoother) in moderation.


  1. -When going to bed, braid hair into a loose, large braid at the back of the neck.

  2. -Use a soft band or elastic with no metal bracket.

Specific Conditions:


  1. -Dampen hands with warm water, run hands over the hair without actually touching the hair.

  2. -Using a dryer sheet run it lightly over the hair root to ends.


  1. -Getting the hair wet is not recommended.  Try keeping the hair above water.

  2. -Never wear a swimming cap, or anything that covers the hair.  It may cause matting.  Loose hats are acceptable. 

  3. -Before swimming, be sure to comb out any tangles.

  4. -Deep condition after swimming or excessive sun exposure. 


  1. -Braid hair into one large braid at back of the neck.

  2. -Do NOT wrap hair in a towel.

  3. -Follow appropriate shampooing and conditioning as needed.

Shampooing and Conditioning:

  1. -Do not use products containing citrus.

  2. -Neuma Moisture, Enjoy Luxury, and Pureology Hydrate are great products for  everyday shampoo and conditioner.

  3. -K-Pak and Redken Deep Fuel are great treatments that should be used once every one to two weeks.

  4. -Conditioning is vital!

  5. -Using a moisture conditioner is best.


  1. -Try to avoid alcohol based products.

  2. -As styling products build up on the hair, a deep cleansing shampoo is best to eliminate build-up. Neuma Renew Shampoo is recommended.

  3. -Only use a cleansing shampoo once per week, at most.

  4. -Moroccan Oil or Neuma Argan Treatment is a great leave-in smoother on wet or dry for styling.

  5. -Aquage Sea Salt Spray will make the hair feel thicker and add texture.

  6. -Neuma Smoothing Creme is an amazing smoother.  Used on wet hair it has no hold factor and is humidity resistant.

Misc. Tips

  1. -Although the hair is real, it does not receive nutrients from the scalp
    - Heat is the  biggest enemy, so the less you use the better
    - For curling the hair, hot rollers can be used as long as the roller does not sit directly on the bond, Conair (with the felt rollers) are the best
    - When sleeping: a wrap, braid or ponytail will prevent tangling; this will save time in the morning when styling

  2. -Using a silk pillowcase will prevent tangles and help the condition of the hair 

  3. -When washing the hair, Always wash going in a downward motion

- Do Not put conditioner on the extension bond at the scalp; ONLY use on the mid shaft and ends of the hair
- Use fingertips at scalp to make sure ALL shampoo is rinsed out

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